Behind the Brands Pt. 1 - Saudade de Voce

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     Brands, brands, brands! We see them everywhere we go, new ones emerging on a daily basis, others evolving to keep up with ever changing trends. With so much happening in this space, I decided to create a blog series that would give my Bikini Market babes a closer look into my curated brands and what makes each one unique. 

     I asked Colombian based cousin duo [Sofia, 23 and Mariana, 27] behind bikini brand 'Saudade de Voçe' 3 questions to let us into their world for a moment, this is what they had to say- 

Q: How did you get inspired to create Saudade?

A: We have always been inspired by the authenticity of Latin women, and Saudade was created to capture that essence - bold, risky, and unforgettable! 

Q: What has been the most important learning moment since launching your brand?

A: Details matter! It's worth waiting to get them right. 

Q: What do you want others to feel when they wear Saudade?

A: Our goal is to create pieces designed to inspire confidence and compliments. To allow you to be yourself through our pieces. That's why we don't use prints, but color combinations, textures, and shapes to create [swimwear and beachwear] pieces that evolve with whoever wears them.


     Since launching in 2019, Saudade has produced 3 swimwear and beachwear collections, with 'Tropicalia' being their third and most popular collection so far, creating a buzz around the brand in their city of Cali, Colombia, which is where I came to discover the brand on a recent trip to the region. I knew instantly that I had to bring it back to the states to share with all my bikini lovers!

     Shop 'Tropicalia' now, exclusively available online, only at Bikini Market! *Run, don't walk ladies! Tropicalia is selling out fast, and there will be no re-stocks*

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