3 Reasons to Ditch Fast Fashion and How to Shop Sustainably

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Fast fashion, slow fashion? We've been hearing about these terms a lot lately, and that's because the impact of the fast fashion industry is global, presenting issues with the environment, ethical manufacturing practices, design plagiarism, and even.. your style! Yes your style. We put together a quick list of 3 reasons why fast fashion should be avoided like the plague and some tips on how to shop more sustainably. LET'S GO →

(Here's a great Vox article for more on the fast fashion industry)

1. The environment. Fast fashion corporations produce at such a high rate, producing massive amounts of waste. They adversely contribute to climate change more than the aviation and shipping industries combined. 

2. Designers get their work stolen everyday. Fast fashion is notorious for searching for even the smallest independent designers and replicating their work, and then marketing it back to their customer's for a fraction of the price. They'e killing ingenuity in fashion and what is meant to be exclusive!

3. Your style. Your wardrobe. Thanks to fast fashion, you are constantly having to update your wardrobe to keep up with the trends of the 52 seasons created by the industry. And if that wasn't enough of a reason, the quality is so flimsy it is only made to last 1-2 uses. As a consumer of the fast fashion industry you end up always having "no clothes" because you are kept in the loop of always having to buy more with their strategy. Yikes.


Here are some tips on how to avoid buying fast fashion and shop more sustainably and ethically:

  • Always check if it's made locally to where the designers are based 
  • Low prices are a major red flag, your clothing shouldn't be the price of a candy bar?!
  • Examine material for softness and durability. Quality swim will always have soft material to ensure no irritation when being worn. 
  • Check the details. Mass manufactured swim will have bulky seams and generic colors/ prints. No thanks! 

At Bikini Market, you shop knowing that everything has been sourced consciously with all of the above topics in mind. Every purchase, every kini is guaranteed 100% authentic. 

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