Bikini Market Summer Solstice 22' Guide

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Summer Solstice is upon us Bikini Babes, but what does that mean exactly? Well, on June 21st at about 5:40 in the morning the Earth will reach it's max tilt towards the sun, marking summer solstice. On this day we will receive more sunlight than any other day of the year. 

This marks the official change of season, bringing in indulgence, power, and vitality. Here's our guide to channeling all that extra energy and making the most of the summer solstice.

1. Wake up at sunrise, and light a candle as you watch the sun take over the night sky. Stay present in your moment and reflect on all the seeds you planted at the beginning of the year, in preparation to watch them grow to new heights. 

2. Later on, grab a towel, a good SPF and your best bikini - (Azure Bikini, pictured above, is the perfect vibe) and head to your favorite layout spot. Let the sun fill you up with pure light and energy. Swim in the water or spend time in nature to enjoy the abundance of the season. 

3. At sunset light Palo Santo and meditate on gratitude to bring more abundance and indulgence into this new season. 


Happy Summer Babes! 

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