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Bikinis, bodies -  they come in so many shapes and sizes, and putting the two together (especially online) can be a serious challenge. We KNOW the struggle of finding the perfect bikini for your body, occasion, and individual goals. Here are three pro tips to help you shop with confidence the next time you're searching for the perfect look!


1. One of the most important things to consider is choosing the styles that speak to your current vibe or mood (or at least the one you are trying to achieve). Are you feeling creative? happy? focused? daring? Experiment with colors and silhouettes to help fully embody your mood.

Sun Glow Bikini is perfect for setting a lively and creative tone due to it's rich hues, and color-blocking play. 


2. Keep in mind what kind of events you use your swimwear for, and shop accordingly. Family gatherings, dates, parties, etc. Here are our recommendations for different occasions.

Date: Try something flirty that still represents your style. The Under the Sun top paired with Toffee Caramel bottom combines sexy with intellectual chic so perfectly, making it a great bikini choice for a date! Look for: hi-leg, bandeau tops, and cheeky cut bottoms. 

Conservative or fam gathering: The Maria bikini is perfect for family gatherings like boat days or pool parties. Conservative does not mean you have to sacrifice your look! Look for: hi-waist, moderate-full coverage, and scoop or square necks.



3. What is my body type, and what are the parts I want to accentuate and how? This is a question you must know the answer to when shopping bikinis, (our stylists can help you discover yours with a free style session) in order to achieve the perfect look every time. Take a look at 2 examples below:

Accentuate legs: If you're a shorter girl, you might have wanted to experiment with making your legs look longer. Look for: hi-leg cuts to add length and elegance to your look.

Lucky Lila features a hi-leg and hi-waist, accentuating the legs and waist simultaneously. 


Make your butt look better: To give your butt a little more appeal, look for: ruched bottoms or cheeky coverage, this will accentuate your figure, giving a sexy look.

Zoe Blue Bandana is both ruched and cheeky coverage bikini bottom. The ruch detail makes the butt look 🤌🏼. 


And always remember: be yourself, life is too short to not wear adorable bikinis, so do you boo, fabulously and fiercely. For any questions about bikini styling, you can reach out to us any time via WhatsApp or DM to get the conversation going, we love to talk bikini style and help our bikini babes achieve their best looks 💛

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