Lunar New Year Guide 2023

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Bikini Babes! Lunar New Year 2023 is upon us this Sunday, January 22, and you know we love all things lunisolar and astronomical, so of course we got you with another guide ;)

Lunar New Year marks the first day of the Lunar calendar, and is celebrated by harnessing good luck and fortune for the new year and getting rid of old energy from the previous year. See our tips below to participate in this ancient and widely celebrated tradition!

  • Deep clean your house a few days before to rid your space of old energies. Maybe make a donation bag with items that you no longer use or serve you
  • Wear new clothes (or bikinis) from head to toe to harness good fortune and new opportunities
  • Decorate and/or wear the color red, this color is said to ward off bad spirits
  • Gift giving is often practiced as it is symbolic of bringing luck to both the gift giver and receiver

May this Lunar New Year bring all of our bikini babes an abundance of fortune, good health, and of course new bikinis to make beautiful memories in 🧧🐇❤️

 Our Lunar New Year Outfit Pick: Juicy Red Linen Top and Short

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